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Here are some email notes I've received:


Interpretation: Dave, Great time at the Cabin. Thank you for providing the perfect space to gather our family together. Everything worked well while we were there.......




November 27
I hope you and your family enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving. Our family had a wonderful time at the cabin.


November 21
Hi Dave. We had a wonderful time at the cabin this weekend! There were thirteen of us -- nine kids, cousins and close friend's kids, plus four adults. Jakob loved having his B-day celebration there. We settled in nicely the first night with a movie in front of a roaring fire. The next day we did our annual hike up Cunningham Falls , lunched at the Cozy restaurant, and then back to the cabin for board games and ribs & steaks on the grill, followed by birthday cake. The kids played flashlight tag outside under a full moon. They had so much fun! Looking forward to our next trip, perhaps in the Spring! Thanks again! Take good care, Suzie


November 7
Thanks, David. We did get to the cabin around 1:30 AM I think it was. I loved the forest leading up to the cabin and the cabin looked like just what I was dreaming of but bigger than I expected. It has a lot of things going for it including being just an hour away and having Cunningham Falls and Catoctin parks nearby. Meggie


November 6
Hey Dave, Just wanted to let you know we had a wonderful weekend at your cabin! The birthday girl was super surprised. The weather was perfect. We all went tubing on Saturday and the group split up on Sunday and some people went hiking and some to Gettysburg . We used the fire pit two nights too! We didn't have any problems and we followed the check out procedure. The birthday girl's dad made us a big grilled salmon dinner they brought all the way from the west coast. I'll send a big group shot when I upload all the pictures. You have a lovely home and we could not have enjoyed our weekend more. Thanks again! Casey


October 5
Thank you, Dave. We really enjoyed our trip so much and the girls LOVED the bunk room. Take care, Tracie


August 10
Dave, It was very nice meeting you. We had a great time and I must say, I am impressed by your excellent instructions both on the website and in the house. We also enjoyed your various eclectic collections on the wall. Thanks again. P.S. - I have mentioned the cabin already to a number of different people. Ben


August 8
David, Yes, I actually was the bachelorette (she and her friends were @ the Cabin during the big snow last Feb). For your peace of mind, there were no dancing guys - just a lot of beer, snow, and shoveling. I know I have some pictures of the cabin in the snow that I will get to you one of these days. We got married a month ago in Roatan , Honduras . Wish I were on that beautiful beach right now. Missing being on vacation that is why I am lining up some other beautiful places to visit - like your cabin! Heather


June 14

We had a great weekend at the Cabin. Please thank your daughter for letting us have this weekend. Everyone decided that they would like to come back to the cabin next year for the reunion. I will figure out the date and let you know! Thanks again, Erin

And I'll just echo Erin 's statement. This was a great place and we're really grateful to you and your daughter for helping us make it happen! Rachel


May 31
At the cabin and WOW! are we making some lasting memories. Thanks again and when I get home which is coming way to quickly I will send out the deposit for Aug. Thanks!! Rose


May 23
hey dave! it's time to book our girl's mountains weekend! thank you! mandy


May 21
Thanks so much for letting us use the cabin. The students really loved it (we all did) and thought it was one of the best trips they have had. In their excitement to leave the cabin even better than we found it our students cleaned the house from top to bottom and cleaned both grills, cleaned out the firewood box in the living room and even swept out under the basement stairs. I think they are really hoping that we will be welcomed back in the future. You have a wonderful home. Thanks again, Hannah


April 19

Thank you so much for allowing my group to stay at your home in the log cabin 4/16-19. It was nice a cozy with all the amenities of home and more. With the cold weather, we weren't able to try and fire pit or spend much time on the porch but took full advantage of the wonderful fire place. The place was plenty big for the 12 people who came. I hope to rent the cabin again in a little warmer weather...Will check with you later to see if there are spots open in August / September. Jackie


April 12
We had a great time at the cabin! The group would like to go again next year about this time, so once we get our act together about the date, we'd like to reserve the cabin again for next year if it is still being rented and is available. Thanks again, Lee


March 14
We had a nice time and made some birthday memories too! The little stream turned into a small river with all the rain and snow melt…that was a great feature. The air sirens for the flooding gave us a laugh as the kids all ran around trying to figure out if we were safe, which I knew we were. We cooked a bunch of food, watched movies and walked in the rain…some low-key bonding was just what we wanted…Thank you, Thank you again for the quick response to our request and for the use of the cabin. You made Taylor 's birthday a big hit! We will stay again in the future! Brooke


February 15
Dave. WE ARE COMING AGAIN!!! Sounds like you had a great time with your family! You are right....it doesn't get better than that! We are very excited to come to the cabin this February weekend for a return trip. It is Ron's birthday week and we all will celebrate that and Valentine's Day! Everyone is planning for snow. Did you have some still left up there? Sue


January 26
My family had a wonderful time at the cabin during the Christmas holiday. The cabin was very nice and the fireplace, along with the furnace, kept us quite warm. Thanks for the opportunity to spend a week at the cabin. Again, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Vivian


January 24
The cabin was fantastic and beautiful. We enjoyed our stay immensely and can't wait to incorporate it into an annual affair. Thank you sincerely for all of your help. I will be send you the keys on Wednesday as i am off to Palm Springs this evening for a conference. Thank you, Frank


January 26
Thanks again for allowing me to share the relaxing cabin and having the best time of my life. It was a vacation i will always cherish. Take care, Carol


January 17
I wanted to thank you for sharing your family home with us. We can see there have been many family memories made there and now have memories of our own. I was thinking of how I can best relate our girls weekend to your house and I came up with this. It was the perfect 1970's house for a group of '70's girls!! We felt right at home and very comfortable. We built a fire in the fireplace in the house and the pit out back, took a walk through the woods and enjoyed our circle of friendship. Karen & the Gang!!


December 14
I rented your cabin last year the weekend of Dec 7th for my boyfriends 30th birthday. we would like to rent it again for the weekend sometime in Jan or Feb. Can you let me know if you have any dates available then. thanks a bunch, Nicole


November 15
Just wanted to send a note after a great weekend. We truly enjoyed our stay at the cabin and a great time was had by all. It is really a wonderful place and was all we had hoped for in a get-away weekend with the guys. I hope can make it a tradition. Thanks for all your instructions and directions as they were most helpful Regards, Tim


November 12
Well, I don't know where to begin. This was the best time i ever had away from home. The Cabin is beautiful, peaceful, relaxing and made us all feel like it was our home. we had a blast! We used the fire pit and ate crabs my kids surprised me for my birthday. Took walks through the woods and took lots of pictures at the little falls. My husband loved the secluded area of the cabin. I am so looking forward to returning next year and taking my five grandchildren. I can't forget the warm fireplace, it was so relaxing just to sit and watch the fire.We used the outside shower, my son and his wife just loved it! well i could just go on and on about the cabin. Thanks again for sharing your home, it was a great 60th birthday that i could have ever asked for and will never forget........... Carol


October 19
Hi! Just wanted to send you an e-mail. Your cabin was beautiful and we enjoyed it a lot. Everyone loved your fireplace and the game room downstairs. As I said you have a very beautiful cabin and I hope we left it in the condition to your satisfaction. Thank you so much for the use of the cabin. Mark


October 4
We had a wonderful weekend at your cabin in the woods. Thank you for your willingness to share your wonderful cabin with strangers. We felt right at home! Judy

Hi Dave. Wanted to echo my sister judy's thanks for your wonderful cabin. Susan


July 3
Guten Tag, Thanks so much for the wonderful time we had at the cabin. Everything was perfect and I definitely want to make use of it again. Until next time. Jeff


May 17
Hello! I just wanted to say that the cabin was amazing. It made our weekend great! I've attached a picture of our group on the way to Ring Dance on Saturday :), and then one of us actually in our uniforms at the dance haha. We had a great time. Thank you again for everything. I'm the redhead in purple. And congrats btw! That's amazing. And you can definitely put the pictures on the site. It was fun reading the guestbook journal thing of a few of the guests from the past. Thank you again for everything. Kristen


May 4
We had a great weekend at your cabin this weekend – you were right, that place is quite special. Even with some ugly weather, we managed to have a great time. That house is just awesome. The property, the construction, everything. I know you used Northern White Cedar for the majority of the logs, but what species is the main beam through the center of the home? My guess was spruce or Douglas Fir, but wanted to know for sure just out of curiosity. Thanks! [I emailed it was an Oak Log that came right off of the Cabin Property] Jeremy


April 23
Yes, it really was a terrific weekend for us. I only wish it were a little closer to Philadelphia - or we had been able to stay a little longer. It is a wonderful house for teenagers - even though it rained all day Saturday, they were happy down in the game room with the pool and air hockey. While my daughter and I went to Gettysburg and checked out the Outlets. We'll see how the pictures turn out and I'm sure we'd love to send some. We celebrated my step- granddaughter's 16th birthday there Sat. so maybe there will be some good shots of that. We really loved it - you have created a really special place. I'll never forget it. Sara


November 29
Thank you very much for the week at the cabin. Everyone had a wonderful time. Thanks again and have a wonderful Holiday Season! Colleen


October 9
We had lots of fun at your cabin, the boys really enjoyed themselves in the woods. The woodburning fireplace is great, we just have gas ones here so it was a treat for the kids to see how a "real" fireplace operates. Thanks so much! Carrie




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