The Magic of Firewood


I think when you come to a Log Cabin during the winter season, a nice fire in the fireplace creates a truly magical ambiance. I know I can just stare at the fire for hours. Good food, good company and this setting. It really doesn't get better than this!! People have asked whether they need to bring their own firewood. Here are some pictures of the wood that I have personally cut, split and stacked for my family, friends and guests.
Bottom line is I think we'll be OK. In the summer, you'll find plenty of wood laying around on our 4 acres of woods. Come and Enjoy!!

This is south side of Cabin

This is North side of Cabin

This is Cabin porch
  This is near driveway   This is West of Cabin  
This is where you put the wood.  Enjoy  !!!  By the way, to feel the heat better, there is a fan switch on right side below the mantel.

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