FREE Cabin Greeting Card

Quite a few Cabin Guests have indicated that they would like to have something to take with them to help them remember the special times they have during their getaway. Since there are a limited number of pillows and linens, I've decided to create online Cards from a drawing done by one of my guests that you can download, print out and send to friends & family for any occasion.

How to download:

1. Right click your mouse over top of the picture near the BOTTOM of the page.

2. Then left click your mouse on "Save Picture as"

3. After doing that, you'll see the folders on your computer. Save it in a folder you can locate after you're done here. A good one is Desktop.

4. From this point, you can simply open the file "cabingreetcard.jpg" in any program you have that can handle and print out pictures. It should print out on a standard 8 1/2 X 11 piece of paper. Your success with alignment will depend on your programs. My favorite program for this purpose is IrfanView which can be downloaded for free from It is a really good program with lots of purposes.

5. After you're done printing, fold the paper in half (either way depending on which way you like better) and then cut it in half (NOT along fold line). Voila, you have 2 cards. They will fit in the standard 4 3/8" X 5 3/4" envelope.

On heavy paper (I use 67# stock), the cards are every bit as nice as the cards you buy in the store.

Good luck and enjoy!


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