The Great Outdoors

This picture kind of captures the Cabin in a Picasso-Matisse  kind of way.  Drawn by Joanne P.

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They say a picture's worth a thousand words. This picture was taken a few feet from the Cabin facing South. Does this look like a postcard or what?

Here are a few pictures of the Outdoor Great Room where you can enjoy yoour friends and/or family in the most natural setting.



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When is the last time you sat by a stream where the only sounds you hear are the water flowing over the rocks or birds chirping. Sitting on the bench by the stream recharges the mind. For the brave, there is a small pond just downstream where the water temperature never seems to rise above about 60 degrees.


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Have you ever thought about the insanity of grass?

Or you can just look up at the sky. At night, since you're in the mountains and away from city lights, the sky is filled with stars that just seem to jump out at you. Also, there's a very good chance to see shooting stars flying across the heavens.



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