Picture Sent to Me by Some of My Guests





A picture of a Good friend of the Cabin showing it to his crew


Here's a recent picture of Cunningham Falls Frozen Solid !!

Bob has the Right Idea on How to Relax. Best View in the Cabin


A Great Shot of the Kitchen

Jan, Bob and Crew arriving before the snow. Nothing like being at the Cabin when it's Snowing !!


Jaime and Crew showing their Tie Dye Skills

And Enjoying the Swinging Bench


Perfect Spot to Enjoy your Morning Coffee

Catoctin Wildlife Preserve is a few minutes away. Kids love it !!


Firepit looking Good !!

Food getting ready to be Cooked


This is the Way our Ancestors Cooked Outside


Alicia's Kids Relaxing After a Tough Game of Life

(I'm going to attribute the can to the Parents :-))




Marcia and Mike's Crew

And their Bunkhands


Pizza Anyone ?

Angela and Crew Having Fun


A Family Enjoying Quality Time Together

ED Family Celebrating Mt. St. Mary's University


Canoeing on the Lake

Next Generation of Cabin People Chilling on Porch


Frank, Shannon and their Jedi Warriors. May the Force Be With Them!

Justin and Men doing Manly Things (driving nails into stump)


Maris and Associates preparing to climb the largest Waterfalls in Maryland

It's a Bird, It's a Plane ..



A Collage of Pics taken by Michael Just a Few Days Ago




Halloween Jack-a-lantern by Artist CindyB

The Newest Guest to Our Family
Granddaughter Amelia


Picture drawn by Artist MikeS

Note: Their wish came true when they married on 12/24/06

Irv & Leslie @ Cunningham Falls


Caroline with Chestnut in Woods

Toby on Mini-Cabin


Holiday Gingerbread House by Artist CindyB

Team Sugarman Hiking in the Woods


The Sutter bunch in loft

Ron with Sibs at Cabin


Josh, Ashley, Claire & Amanda
Sitting on a tree

Our Belizean Friends


Halloween activity for Jules N and her buds.

Wow !! Real talent !!

Anybody for a Hay Ride?

Jules and her crew on my backhoe. I should have left the keys.

One of the Art Projects created at the Cabin.  Left as a gift.

The Sherwood group having a nice home-cooked..........  Hey wait a second, IT'S CARRY-OUT CHINESE !!   :)

The Sherwood Family

Kel & I

Porch Family Kids at the Falls

Connie D & Family Kept Busy

Your kitchen island was a great place for spreading out and
cutting fabric. The dining room table had four sewing machines set up on it. My mom and sister-in-law did some knitting and reading. My aunt made a bunch of wall hangings with kitties for her favorite charity auction - the siamese rescue. We had a great quilting and stitching retreat while there. Your cabin was perfect!


Whelton Clan & friends

Clearing the way to Cunningham Falls


Look at this beautiful Lifeguarded quiet sandy beach.  Who needs Ocean City !!

Debbie & Amelia at Cunningham Falls Beach for the First Time. What a Great Time !!!

Sitting on the Beach Playing in the Sand with your Grandchild.  It doesn't get much better than this !!
Woods & Lapp family get together 9-22-07

Amelia at 20 Months Ready for Some Cabin Fun !!

Amelia & I taking a Spin on our Backhoe !


Ken & Jocelyn came from Colorado to Visit. Behind is Cunningham Falls, Maryland's Largest Waterfalls.

Sister's Weekend


A little Hike before New Years

This picture kind of captures the Cabin in a Picasso-Matisse kind of way.  Drawn by Joanne P.

This Picture was drawn by Joanne, obviously one of my Artistic Guests.

Amber & Her Buds Just Having a Good Time !!

Happy St. Patty's

Kristen and friends taking photo op by the backhoe

Nora, Paul and Family Know How to Relax

Chef Aron & Laura from Hawaii with friends for Eli-Michelle Wedding @ Thorpewood.
Aloha !!


Amelia LOVES to Drive the Backhoe !!



and the Gang


Heather (Tide Shirt) kicking back at her Bachelorette Party with some Poker during the Big Snowstorm

Bachelorette Heather Getting Ready to Make Snow Angels


Suzanne & Crew having fun at Cabin

Al & Gail with their Minnesota Clan


Hanna near the Falls

The Clayton Gang (all women)


Family from different parts of the Country together



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