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David Sugarman

My name is Dave and I am an Engineer and a Builder. My wife is Debbie and we have 3 wonderful children. In 1994 my wife and I decided to find land and build a Log Cabin.  We were fortunate to find this beautiful 4 Acre property next to Cunningham Falls State Park.  The problem was it was landlocked (could not drive into it).  After a year of discussion with the Director of the park, the Department of Natural Resources and the Attorney General’s Office I was finally able to get the Governor of Maryland to sign an easement which gave me the necessary access.  I then designed our dream Log Cabin and built it with the help of my family and friends.   My kids who were young then still remember every board they nailed and every stone they put up. The result is what you see on this website. My 3 kids have now grown and blessed me with 7 Grands.  The goal is to keep it in the family for many generations to come.  So far, this looks promising.

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