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Log Cabin in The Woods

This lovely two-story log cabin is an easy one-hour drive from Baltimore and Washington, DC. Nestled deep in the Maryland woods--literally steps from Cunningham Falls State Park--you'll find it hard to believe you're mere minutes from conveniences like the Frederick Mall, movie theaters, and fine dining!  You owe it to yourself to click VIEW DETAILS just below...

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Log Cabin in the Woods
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This lovely two-story log cabin is an easy one-hour drive from Baltimore and Washington, DC.


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Vacation Rental in Log Cabin

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wooden cabins for rent

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A Best Place to Enjoy Your Vacation

Enjoy butterflies and birdsongs as you walk beneath towering pines or alongside a babbling brook.

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Hi Dave. We had a wonderful time at the cabin this weekend! There were thirteen of us -- nine kids, cousins and close friend's kids, plus four adults. Jakob loved having his B-day celebration there. We settled in nicely the first night with a movie in front of a roaring fire. The next day we did our annual hike up Cunningham Falls , lunched at the Cozy restaurant, and then back to the cabin for board games and ribs & steaks on the grill, followed by birthday cake. The kids played flashlight tag outside under a full moon. They had so much fun! Looking forward to our next trip, perhaps in the Spring! Thanks again! Take good care, Suzie


Stayed 21-Nov-2021

Thanks, David. We did get to the cabin around 1:30 AM I think it was. I loved the forest leading up to the cabin and the cabin looked like just what I was dreaming of but bigger than I expected. It has a lot of things going for it including being just an hour away and having Cunningham Falls and Catoctin parks nearby. Meggie


Stayed 7-Nov-2021

Hey Dave, Just wanted to let you know we had a wonderful weekend at your cabin! The birthday girl was super surprised. The weather was perfect. We all went tubing on Saturday and the group split up on Sunday and some people went hiking and some to Gettysburg . We used the fire pit two nights too! We didn't have any problems and we followed the check out procedure. The birthday girl's dad made us a big grilled salmon dinner they brought all the way from the west coast. I'll send a big group shot when I upload all the pictures. You have a lovely home and we could not have enjoyed our weekend more. Thanks again! Casey


Stayed 6-Nov-2021

Dave, It was very nice meeting you. We had a great time and I must say, I am impressed by your excellent instructions both on the website and in the house. We also enjoyed your various eclectic collections on the wall. Thanks again. P.S. - I have mentioned the cabin already to a number of different people. Ben


Stayed 10-Oct-2021

David, Yes, I actually was the bachelorette (she and her friends were @ the Cabin during the big snow last Feb). For your peace of mind, there were no dancing guys - just a lot of beer, snow, and shoveling. I know I have some pictures of the cabin in the snow that I will get to you one of these days. We got married a month ago in Roatan , Honduras . Wish I were on that beautiful beach right now. Missing being on vacation that is why I am lining up some other beautiful places to visit - like your cabin! Heather


Stayed 8-Oct-2021

Thank you, Dave. We really enjoyed our trip so much and the girls LOVED the bunk room. Take care, Tracie


Stayed 5-Oct-2021

We had a great weekend at the Cabin. Please thank your daughter for letting us have this weekend. Everyone decided that they would like to come back to the cabin next year for the reunion. I will figure out the date and let you know! Thanks again, Erin And I'll just echo Erin 's statement. This was a great place and we're really grateful to you and your daughter for helping us make it happen! Rachel


Stayed 14-Jul-2021

Thanks so much for letting us use the cabin. The students really loved it (we all did) and thought it was one of the best trips they have had. In their excitement to leave the cabin even better than we found it our students cleaned the house from top to bottom and cleaned both grills, cleaned out the firewood box in the living room and even swept out under the basement stairs. I think they are really hoping that we will be welcomed back in the future. You have a wonderful home. Thanks again, Hannah


Stayed 21-May-2021

We had a great time at the cabin! The group would like to go again next year about this time, so once we get our act together about the date, we'd like to reserve the cabin again for next year if it is still being rented and is available. Thanks again, Lee


Stayed 12-Apr-2021